International Theater Festival in Latin and Ancient Greek





Vilnius University, 4th – 11th August 2024

Thalia (Theatri Artisque Ludicrae Iuges Agones) is an international conference spanning seven days centered on theatrical arts in Latin and Ancient Greek. This festival, conducted entirely in Latin and Ancient Greek, is open to all scholars and devotees of the ancient world and the Renaissance.

About us

Schola Humanistica is an Institute for the Study and Appreciation of Classical Culture. We are specialized in teaching Latin and Greek through didactic methodologies inspired by the teaching practices of the humanists. All of our activities aim not only at promoting the study of classical languages, but also at disseminating the knowledge of Neo-Latin works. Moreover, our Institute pays particular attention to the reception of classical literature in Renaissance Italy. All methods used at the Schola Humanistica are inspired by the teaching practices of the humanists, that is, of the learned men of the XV-XVII centuries, who wrote and spoke Latin, and partly Greek, as a language of international culture. According to a recent estimate, about 5 million volumes have been written in Latin from Antiquity to the present. A real Humanistic School will now make this cultural heritage of Europe finally accessible.