Stefano U. Baldassarri

Stefano U. Baldassarri is Director of the International Studies Institute (ISI Florence), a consortium of Australian and US public universities based in Florence, Italy. He has  attended university both in Italy and in the US, where he earned a PhD from  Yale.  “Fellow” at Villa I Tatti (The Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies) in 2000, he has received grants from various academic institutions in Europe and North America. Prof. Baldassarri has published books and essays on medieval and Renaissance literature as well as on translation theory and practice; among his publications are  Umanesimo e traduzione da Petrarca a Manetti (2003) and La vipera e il giglio. Lo scontro tra Milano e Firenze nelle invettive di Antonio Loschi e Coluccio Salutati (2012). He has done critical editions of several (mostly Latin) texts, such as Bruni’s Dialogi and Laudatio, Salutati’s Contra maledicum, and Manetti’s  Historia Pistoriensis and has translated   — either in Italian or English — many humanistic texts. With Arielle Saiber he co-authored the anthology entitled Images of Quattrocento Florence  (2000) and since its foundation he is co-editor — with Antonio Lanza — of the “Rivista di Letteratura Storiografica Italiana”.