Thalia 2024

International Theater Festival in Latin and Ancient Greek






Vilnius University, 4th – 11th August 2024

Lithuania, land of myths and poetry. […] It is a blessing to have been fortunate enough to be able to do one’s high school and university studies in Vilnius, a bizarre city, a place of Italian and Baroque architecture transported to the forests of the North, a place where history endures in every stone…
Cz. Miłosz

Thalia (Theatri Artisque Ludicrae Iuges Agones) is an international conference spanning seven days centered on theatrical arts in Latin and Ancient Greek. Following the great success of Thalia 2022 (Vicenza, August 1-7, 2022), which saw the participation of over a hundred scholars and enthusiasts of Latin from around the world, Schola Humanistica presents the second edition of this Festival in Vilnius, a magnificent Baroque city that has been a melting pot of languages and cultures since the Middle Ages. All performances and lectures of Thalia 2024 will take place within Vilnius University, which since the 16th century has been one of the most important centers of study in the Res Publica Utriusque Nationis.

This festival, conducted entirely in Latin and Ancient Greek, is open to all scholars and devotees of the ancient world and the Renaissance. The festival is organized into two halves, the first titled Symposium, and the second Ludi.

The Symposium is comprised of a series of lessons entirely in Latin and Ancient Greek on theater in antiquity and in the Renaissance. Instructors will include the faculty of Schola Humanistica as well as leading Latinists and Hellenists in Europe. The Ludi are a theater competition centered on the awarding of the Corona Aurea (“Golden Crown”) for the best theatrical production in Latin or Ancient Greek.



    Program Calendar


    When Topic
    Sunday, 4th Aug. 2024 Arrival and accommodation
    Monday, 5th Aug. 2024: (h. 9:30-10:00) Registration 

    (10:00-11:00) Opening Ceremony 

    (11:30-13:00) keynote speech

    (15:30-18-30) Guided city tour in Latin

    Tuesday, 6th Aug. 2024 (h. 9:30.11:00) Lessons

    (h. 11:30-13:00) Lessons

    (15:30-17:30) Guided tour of the Vilnius University Museum

    (18:00-20) Frogs. Film showing in Ancient Greek

    Wednesday, 7th Aug. 2024 (h. 9:30.11:00) Lessons

    (h. 11:30-13-00) Lessons

    (15:30-20:00) Tour to Trakai Castle

    Thursday, 8th Aug. 2024 (h. 9:30.11:00) Lessons

    (h. 11:30-13-00) Lessons

    (15:00-16:30) Lessons

    (17:00-20:00) Performances in Latin 

    • Dira lux sed lux (Schola Nova, Incourt, Belgium)


    • Palæmon apud Hyperboreos (Klasikų Asociacija, Vilnius, Lithuania)
    Friday, 9th Aug. 2024 (h. 9:30.11:00) Lessons

    (h. 11:30-13:00) Lessons

    (15:00-16:30) Lessons

    (17:00-20:00) Performances in Latin

    • Fabellae vetuli vetulaeque (MB Švaros burbulas, Vilnius)


    • Agauen (Katolophyromai, Heidelberg/Latina)
    Saturday, 10th Aug. 2024 (h. 9:30.11:00) Lessons 

    (h. 11:30-13:00) Lesson

    (16:00) Award Ceremony 

    (17:00) Concert

    (18:00) Banquet

    Sunday, 11th Aug. 2024 Departure




    Vilnius University


    Trakai Castle


    University Theatre Hall


    Pilies gatvė


    Intended course audience

    Teachers, students and scholars of the ancient world.


    Vilnius University, Universiteto g. 3


    Latin and Ancient Greek


    Intermediate or advanced

    Professional development credit

    At the end of the course, a certificate of participation will be issued.

    Registration Cost

    Registration for the course is 230 € if you pay by 15th June, 2024; 290 € if you pay afterwards.


    Once enrolled, you will be placed on the participants’ list and you will be sent an email with the necessary information.


    Participants are requested to arrange their own hotel bookings for their stay in Vilnius. A list of recommended hotels is available here.

    Lesson materials

    Lesson materials will be distributed during the lessons to deepen our exploration of the themes for the course.

    Material for theater groups