International Theater Festival in Latin



August 1st- 7th, 2022



Thalia (Theatri Artisque Ludicrae Iuges Agones) is an international conference spanning seven days centered on theatrical arts in Latin. This festival, conducted entirely in Latin, is open to all scholars and devotees of the ancient world and the Renaissance.  Performances and lectures associated with the festival will take place in the context of an urban landscape noted for Palladio’s architecture, site of the first permanent theater in the modern era. The festival is organized into two halves, the first titled Symposium, and the second Certamen



The Symposium is comprised of a series of lessons entirely in Latin on theater in antiquity and in the Renaissance. Instructors will include the faculty of Schola Humanistica as well as leading Latinists and Hellenists in Europe.


The Certamen is a theater competition centered on the awarding of the Corona Aurea (“Golden Crown”) for the best theatrical production in Latin. Non professional theatrical companies or groups residing in Europe or elsewhere are invited to apply using registration links that will soon be published on this website. In order to be considered for admission, eligible productions must center on the theme of the festival: demons.


At the conclusion of the festival, the following prizes will be awarded:

  • Corona Aurea for best play: €9000
  • Corona Argentea for the second best play: €6000
  • Corona Aenea for the third best play: € 4000
  • Calamus Aureus for best original text in Latin: €2000
  • Persona Aurea for best leading actor: €1000
  • Pileus Aureus for best character actor: €500



There are three registration levels for the festival:


  • TESSERA AUREA: the tessera aurea, reserved for audience members and course registrants, provides access to the lessons for participants in Thalia and includes lodging in one of the conference buildings for the duration of the festival.
  • TESSERA RUBRA: the tessera rubra is for the theater groups in the competition. This pass gives access to all lectures, all performances of Thalia, and also includes lodging in one of the conference buildings for the duration of the festival. Groups who wish to compete in Certamen can send their contact information and submission title using registration links that will soon be made available.
  • TESSERA VENETA: the tessera veneta is reserved for audience members and course participants living in Vicenza or the Veneto region who wish to attend lessons and performances, but who do not require lodging in the city.




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