International Theater Festival in Latin and Ancient Greek




Summer 2024



Thalia (Theatri Artisque Ludicrae Iuges Agones) is an international conference spanning seven days centered on theatrical arts in Latin and Ancient Greek. This festival, conducted entirely in Latin and Ancient Greek, is open to all scholars and devotees of the ancient world and the Renaissance.  The festival is organized into two halves, the first titled Symposium, and the second Ludi.

The Symposium is comprised of a series of lessons entirely in Latin and Ancient Greek on theater in antiquity and in the Renaissance. Instructors will include the faculty of Schola Humanistica as well as leading Latinists and Hellenists in Europe. The Ludi are a theater competition centered on the awarding of the Corona Aurea (“Golden Crown”) for the best theatrical production in Latin or Ancient Greek.


Place and date will be announced later