The Great Festival of Saturn

International Workshop organized by Schola Humanistica, in cooperation with Academia Latinitati Fovendae, Cultura Clásica, Europa Latina, LUPA, Wrocław University and The Paideia Institute


Finally, a seminar to the pranks and games that took place in Rome during Saturnalia! In this festival, celebrated at the end of December, Romans participated in banquets, gambled, and partook in nonsensical behaviors and entertainment otherwise forbidden throughout the rest of the year. During the annual event, masters prepared a table for their slaves with a reversal of traditional status in a way that must have evoked the equality characteristic of the Golden Age. The power of the festival resided in the subversion of norms of daily life and the transgression of boundaries that defined class, age, and gender. In this seminar we will explore the essence of the Saturnalia for Romans and the liberating power deriving from the shedding of ones own identify by assuming the identify of someone else through Latin texts drawn from various periods. 


Sunday, December 20th, 2020


17:00-17:20 CET

Giuseppe Marcellino – Paolo Pezzuolo (Schola Humanistica, Padova)

Orationes aditiales


17:20-17:40 CET

Katarzyna Ochman (Uniwersytet Wrocławski)

De ludicris Saturnaliciis ab Aulo Gellio Athenis agitatis
17:40 – 18:00 CET

Marco Romani Mistretta (The Paideia Institute, New York)

Hilarius cenandum, sive de philosophi victu inter Saturnalia
18:00-18:20 CET

Paolo Pezzuolo (Schola Humanistica, Padova)

Proverbia Latina de Saturnalibus
18:20-18:40 CET

Oroel Marcuello Gil (Cultura Clásica, Granada)

Age, libertate Decembri, quando ita maiores voluerunt, utere!
18:40-19:00 CET

Giancarlo Rossi (Academia Latinitati Fovendae, Roma)

Claudio Piga (Europa Latina, Milano)

Tarantula de mundo inverso
19:00-19:20 CET

Cecilie Koch (LUPA, Xanten)

Saturnalia Polonorum


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