Jun. 18th and Jun. 25th, 2021, h. 18:00-19:30 CEST
Ancient astrologers and Zodiac's interpreters.
Roma triumphans
Jul. 23rd and Jul. 30th, 2021, h. 18:00-19:30 CEST
Triumphs in ancient Rome (Suetonius, Plutarch, Biondo Flavio, Andrea Mantegna).
De corrupta eloquentia
Aug. 20th and Aug. 27th, 2021, h. 18:00-19:30 CEST
The worst demagogues of Ancient World (Cicero, Petronius, Quintilianus, Tacitus).
Tertulliani Apologeticum
Sept.17th and Sept. 24th, 2021, h. 18:00-19:30 CEST
The fight between christians and pagans in Late Antiquity (Pliny the Younger, Tacitus, Tertullianus).
Oct.15th and Oct. 22nd, 2021, h. 18:00-19:30 CEST
A seminar on this strange deity, keeper of ancient gardens (Horace, Tibullus, Martial, Priapea).
Nov. 19th and Nov. 26th, 2021, h. 18:00-19:30 CET.
The monstrous forgers of gods (Virgil, Ovid, Pietro Carrera).
Dec. 10th and Dec. 17th, 2021, h. 18:00-19:30 CET
Ethnography of ancient Britain (Caesar, Pliny the Elder, Tacitus).
Senex Corycius
Jan. 14th and 21st, 2022, h. 18:00-19:30 CET
The portrait of the Senex Corycius (Vergil, Horace, Giovanni Pascoli).
Porci Epicurei
Febr. 17th and 24th, 2022, h. 18:00-19:30 CET
Who were the Epicureans? (Lucretius, Horace, Cicero, Erasmus)
March 18th and 25th, 2022, h. 18:00-19:30 CET
Didacus Vitrioli's Latin poem on the swordfish (1845)
Pictores et philotechni
April 15th and 22nd, 2022, h. 18:00-19:30 CEST
Artists and collectors of Greece and Rome (Cicero, Horace, Pliny the Elder)
Reditus Augusti
May 20th and 27th, 2022, h. 18:00-19:30 CEST
Pascoli's poem which was awarded the gold medal at Amsterdam in 1897